Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meeting on 11th Street Reconstruction Project

Those of you who live along or have occasion to traverse 11th Street know that the ongoing reconstruction of it has left things all kinds of ^$%@ed up.

If you are interested in learning about the current status of the project, including its anticipated completion date, DDOT is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, July 21 from 6p - 8p at Asbury United Methodist Church, located at 926 11th Street NW.

In a rather foreboding note, the flyer that was distributed encourages residents to attend to "learn what construction activities are planned for the coming weeks and months." The word "months" is suspicious because, as you may recall, the project was supposed to have been completed in July. As in, now.

We hate to bring this up, but we totally called this one.


Anonymous said...

It's embarrassing that they don't hold contractors accountable. Charge them tens of thousands per day of delay and then you'll see some efficiency.

payro said...

Direct from the "" website:

Due to utility conflicts discovered early in the project, the construction has not occurred exactly as planned. The project remains a four-phased project. Construction began in December 2008 and completion of the project is estimated to be November 2009.

Funny, your earlier post alluded to utility delays, but our esteemed (i.e. moronic, idiotic) DOT claimed that they had been working with utilities early to avoid any conflicts.

Brandon Green said...

Well, at least you were right (if you're like me, that always feels good)!