Friday, July 31, 2009

Get Ready: "Dog Days" This Weekend

This weekend, Logan, Shaw, U Street and other mid-city neighborhoods will spring to life with the arrival of the 10th annual "Dog Days" celebration. Many local business along the U Street and 14 Street corridors will be featuring sidewalk sales and offering special discounts and deals on food, merchandise and services.

In addition to the sidewalk sales, there will be many cultural and entertainment activities ongoing throughout the weekend, such as:

U Street Festival at the 14th & U Farmers' Market
Free treats for your dog at the Shaw dog park (1600 block of 11th St NW)
Music and Arts Open House and National City Christian Church
Studio Theatre's Annual Garage Sale (home accessories, clothing, collectibles and more)
Washington Improv Theater's IMPROV-A-PALOOZA: 10 straight hours of improvisational comedy
Words Beats & Life – Film Screening of Chocolate City Burning

Plus, many of the restaurants in the area will be offering special deals and treats all weekend long (a gazpacho contest at Saint-Ex? Wine and cheese from Cork? We're so there.)

So be sure to make time to stroll our neighborhood, support our local business, enjoy some food from local restaurants, and soak in all of the unique cultural opportunities that our neighborhood presents.

Additional information, including a schedule of events and a list of participating businesses and restaurants, is available at MidCity's website.


Anonymous said...

THIS is why I love where I live!!! Thanks for posting. The impetus for Dog Days ten years ago, was to get people to come to a neighborhood that had not experienced a strong/legal business trade since the riots and green line extension. Today, it's an annual celebration of all 14th and U streets have to offer. Kudos!

It's the variety that keeps this neighborhood alive, engaging, and welcoming: day and night. I've read a lot of opinions on this blog. Please folks. Check your egos at the door and support and maintain what is one of the best, if not the best, urban neighborhoods in the region.

The Mayor and Council have slashed funds toward political bailiwicks. City services will decline and taxes will increase. Let US not tear down what has made this neighborhood a draw for residents, businesses, and visitors, alike.

Joel Lawson said...

Amen, verb. While there will always be the occasional disagreement over urban planning, regulation, transportation, and more, it's far more important for people to get out and enjoy--and support--the aspects of local life they enjoy. Especially in a recession, independent businesses deserve our positive energies and attention.

Brandon Green said...

Awesome line up! I am really looking forward to the a gazpacho contest at Saint-Ex.A friend of mine just posted his recipe here:

It's amazing, but I'm always willing to try other recipes.

1300 R resident said...

Just wanted to let you know there was a brazen and odd assault/robbery attempt on the 1300 block of R St. tonight. At about 9:00 p.m. a black male and black woman, both appeared to be late teens-early 20s, attempted to rob a woman by spraying her with mace. They fled the scene in a silver car (possibly Nissan Versa) parked just up the street when neighbors responded. Be on the lookout.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Thanks for the tip on this. I walked by with my Chinese food as the police officer was responding. I wondered what had happened. So tired of learning about things like this...