Sunday, July 19, 2009

Like, OMG! A Real World Spotting

I know it's become terribly unfashionable to do any kind of write-up on that young adult reality program that is currently being taped in our fair city. Still, one is not used to seeing a man with humongous hair and denim shorts waltzing around followed by a camera crew.

So it was that I found myself strolling around Dupont this afternoon with camera in tow, just taking some snapshots on a lovely (and quiet) summer day, when I stumble upon the cast and crew of the Real World taking a walk down S Street, and then down Connecticut. I have no idea what they had been up to, but one of them did have a basketball.

...and no, the 14thandyous are not stalking the RW cast. We're far more interested in stalking Kal Penn.


U said... that case. Saw Kal Penn at a restaurant on U street (he was picking up food) last week.

Anonymous said...