Sunday, July 19, 2009

Neighborhood Crime: Violent Crime Down Overall, but Gun Crimes Increase

Matt over at Borderstan has the latest crime stats from our immediate area. Overall, it's a mixed bag: there are a couple of nuggets of good information, and some bad. Some highlights:

Violent crime in May was terrible (16 violent crimes were reported, of which 14 were robberies), but that number dropped to only 4 in June. Likewise, there were 5 gun crimes reported in May, and only 1 in June.

However, for the first six months of the year, two items are up markedly: gun crime and property crime. While overall violent crime has remained virtually unchanged over the last three years, there have been 14 reported gun crime incidents through the first six months of the year, versus 6 in 2008. Property crimes are up in the neighborhood by 24% versus 2008, a significant increase.

More details and information can be found at Borderstan. Many, many thanks to Matt for taking the time to wade through all of this information.


odentex said...

While the Post trumpeted the numbers this morning as some sort of wonderful news, all the focus on murder rate ignores the 15%+ jump citywide in armed robberies. The fact is that gun crime is WAY up even if murder is down. This is not good news.

Brandon Green said...

Gun laws loosened, gun crime up.