Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Info on "Table 14"; "World's Best Philly Cheese Steak" Coming to 14th Street

Metrocurean has an update today on the forthcoming establishment on 14th Street from the Local 16 guys.

Turns out, the name is going to be "Table 14". (We always thought "Local 14" was a bit unimaginative...)

According to Metrocurean, plans for the space "include a farm-to-table restaurant serving modern American cuisine with an Italian influence on the main floor; a yakitori grill and bar on the second floor overlooking a green roof and garden space; and a space for events on the third floor with a small roof deck."

Of course, details related to the deck and garden space remain to be worked out, however plans currently call for Table 14 to be operating by spring of next year.

In other news, a quick peak inside the former 14U coffee shop seems to show renovations moving forward for the soon-to-arrive "JJs: World's Best Philly Cheese Steaks".

Now, we know what you're thinking, and you have a right to be cynical. Any establishment that makes the claim of "world's best" anything (cheesesteaks, martinis, scrapple) is setting themselves up for failure and disappointment. Furthermore, I'm no native Philadelphian, but I'm fairly certain the word they were looking for is "cheesesteak".

Nonetheless, a good neighborhood citizens who wish no ill will on any of our fledgling businesses, for now we will give JJs the benefit of the doubt. Will they truly turn out to be the world's best? I am skeptical. Then again, I never thought I would see the day when we'd see plans for an establishment that combined chocolate chip muffins and chardonnay, but there you go.

Original plans were for JJs to be open in July, but, seeing as how the old 14U sign is still up and much work remains to be done inside...I don't see them making that deadline. Which I suppose beg the question: What will we see first, a health care plan or the world's best "Philly cheese steak" on 14th street? I think I might actually take Congress--and the points--on this one.


Anonymous said...

So we're going to have a restaurant named Table 14 directly across the street from a restaurant named Masa ("table") 14, which is opening next to Vastu? Two restaurants with the same name...reminds me of Cork and Cork & Fork. Don't these people do any research? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the research conducted by Logan, Dupont and U Street residents who complain about noise, foot traffic and parking, and other vibrant urban neighborhood dynamics? Hmmmm.

Businesses incorporating in their name the street on which they reside, not a bad thing. It's called branding. Same with Cork.

Anonymous said...

Businesses incorporating the name of another similiar business on the same street into their name is called stupid branding.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

It's worth noting that although they have the same meaning, "Table 14" and "Masa 14" are not the same name.

mattyillini said...

I'm must happy we will be getting some [hopefully good] cheap food in the form of cheesesteaks.

zzindc said...

I went to college in Philly and one thing I learned is to be very wary of anyone claiming to make "Philly Cheese Steaks" outside of Philly. They are too often crap (Subway) or they just try too hard, and over-do it by trying to 'class it up'. Calling the place "World's Best..." starts the warning flags flying. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Well, JJs Cheesesteaks has turned out to be FAR from the world's best. After 2 visits more than a week apart, I won't be back. The customer service is atrocious. Both times I was there one of the owners made a personal phone call WHILE he was "waiting" on me, which might explain why the order turned out wrong each time. Nothing says "I appreciate your business" like holding out change for you to retrieve while yapping away to a friend. No "thank you," no nothing. It's chaos in the tiny kitchen, and the cheesesteak I had today had unchewable rubbery beef. I was also handed a half-full cup of fries that were cold. It appears that these guys know nothing about running a abusiness. Too bad. I would have liked to see a quality, successful cheesesteak outlet in the neighborhood, but this ain't it.