Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Local Restaurant Hosts Benefit to "Save the Seals"

14thandyou rarely ventures into the world of activism, but we did want to make our readers aware of a recent event held in the neighborhood that supported a worthy cause.

This past Tuesday evening at 14th Street restaurant and lounge Policy, entertainment stars and a number of representatives from the DC area's top restaurants--including Policy's Omar Miskinyar--held a benefit for the Humane Society of the United States to launch "In Our Hands," a campaign to end Canada's commercial seal hunt.

250 attended the benefit, with proceeds going to the HSUS and their effort to curtail the Canadian government's continued allowance of an annual seal hunt in which hundreds of thousands of seals--many of them mere pups--are clubbed to death for their fur. In spite of a decimation of the seal population due to melting ice shelves, the government has allowed the seal hunt to continue--and the HSUS has been on hand to document the activity and embark upon lobbying efforts to have the hunt discontinued.

In addition to packing the space and raising money for a just cause, the event attracted a noteworthy crowd: British photographer and America's Next Top Model judge Nigel Barker was in attendance, as was Real Housewives of New York star and chef Bethenny Frankel. Playing DJ for the evening was none other than Joel Josh Madden, brother of Good Charlotte guitarist Benji Madden.

Guests were treated to dishes made by chefs from some of DC's most popular restaurants, including Restaurant Eve, Equinox, Vidalia and Citronelle, plus others.

"It was great to be part of something so special here on U street," exclaimed Miskinyar. "This event was held to start awareness about the brutal seal hunt, the largest slaughter of marine mammals on the planet, and to increase appreciation for these creatures. It has changed my perspective on so many things on so many different levels."

Those interested in learning more about the Humane Society's efforts to curtail Canada's seal hunt can be found here. If you feel like getting involved, the Humane Society has also put together some tips for what individuals can do to help the cause.

Photo of the event are included below.


Anonymous said...

God help me for knowing this, but I'm pretty sure that DJ is actually JOSH Madden, the non-Good-Charlotte Madden brother. (Joel and Benji are the twins that are in the band. Josh, I believe, makes his living as a hipster DJ.)

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Thank you--it was indeed Josh. I'm actually somewhat relieved I *didn't* know that.