Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adios, Amigos...For Now

Since we've received some questions about the lack of updates to the blog (because goodness knows there has been plenty going on around the neighborhood to keep updated on), we wanted to share a bit of bittersweet news to explain the lack of new posts.

In short: no, we weren't kidnapped, we just moved. A couple of weeks ago, the 14thandyous packed up and moved north to Montgomery County. And before we get the questions, yes, we are well-aware of the juxtapositions between a neighborhood like Logan and our new suburban stomping grounds. We have a number of reasons for making the move (and no, mom and dad, a forthcoming little 14thandyou is NOT among them), but thus far the move hasn't been as painful as we initially expected it to be. Being within walking distance to a Metro station helps, as does our proximity to two bagel shops and some fantastic Chinese food. (Sichuan Pavillion, anyone?)

But I digress.

We've certainly had a lot of fun on here over the past four years. When we started the blog back in 2007, there were surprisingly few bloggers covering all the issues, developments and day-to-day life around 14th Street and Logan Circle. I don't know how much we succeeded in that, but it was certainly enjoyable and rewarding--and we got to meet many wonderful, engaging people in the process, many of whom I consider friends today. And today, there are terrific blogs like Borderstan, U Street Girl and U Street Dirt that are providing all of the neighborhood news, analysis and snark one could hope for.

As for this blog, we'll keep it up for the time being. I've given thought to continuing to post here from time to time, to offer some perspectives on our new home as compared to a place like Logan, as well as to share some thoughts about the ongoing changes and developments occuring in our old neighborhood. (Just 'cause we don't live there anymore doesn't mean we stopped paying attention...) And we hope to move back to the city someday; both Mr. and Mrs. 14thandyou enjoy the trappings of urban life far too much to permanently replace it with picket fences, two-car garages and cul-de-sacs. So who knows where things will lead?

But for now, we're considering this blog on extended hiatus. Thanks to all of the followers, commenters, fellow bloggers, community activists, business owners, neighbors, developers and others who made this such a fun hobby for us over the past few years. So, till we meet again...