Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Restaurant News: "Cork and Fork", Seafood Market Headed to 14th Street

The pace of restaurant growth along 14th Street continues, seemingly unabated.

First, in a move certain to raise eyebrows at 14th Street wine bar/small plate restaurant Cork, Virginia-based wine shop "Cork and Fork" are headed to 14th Street, in the currently vacant space across from Garden District at 14th and Church streets. Metrocurean has the scoop.

This finally settles the question of what might end up in that space, but it begs several others: with the Cork Market set to open this fall, Cork already in place and Whole Foods (not to mention several nearby liquor stores) nearby, does Logan need yet another wine-themed establishment? And, are the owners of "Cork and Fork" seeking to build on Cork's name and reputation by opening up a store only two blocks south, or is their arrival merely coincidental?

The build-out in the space is currently ongoing, and according to the owners the aim is to have the space open by December.


In other restaurant-related news, many of you may remember Chef Barton Seaver from his days as chef at local mainstay Saint-Ex (or, if you're Mrs. 14thandyou, you remember him from high school). Seaver left Saint-Ex to take over the kitchen at Georgetown's Hook, where his sustainable seafood mantra led to widespread acclaim for the restaurant.

Now, fresh off the opening of Glover Park's Blue Ridge, Seaver is set to open an as-yet-untitled seafood market and restaurant at the long-vacant former home of 100% Mexico on the 1600 block of 14th Street, next to the HR-57 jazz club.

Scant details of the establishment are available, aside from the fact that his partner will be aforementioned Blue Ridge owner Eli Hengst.

The opening should provide joy to area seafood lovers since the loss earlier this year of seafood-themed Mar Del Plata from the 1400 block of 14th Street.


Nick said...

"Further down 14th Street, at the corner of 14th and Church (in the old Metropole sales office), we have received a tip that a pizza joint is going to be opening up."

I must say, I was much more excited by the prospect of a pizza place than a run of the mill, suburban wine shop.

Anonymous said...

Any news on timing for the seafood restaurant and market?

Anonymous said...

In DC, rarely can you find a place that is decent in whatever they do (wine, food, entertainment, etc) and go there and not feel like you are another sardine in a can, especially on the weekends. I don't go to Cork, because it is always way to crowded in there. Hence another wine bar opening would probably help bring people like me into their place of business.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Just to clarify, "Cork and Fork" is not a wine bar, they're a wine retailer.

Anonymous said...

So not only do we have a herd mentality we're also really unoriginal when it comes to names too. I would ask the Cork and Fork people to re-name, it's not like suburban name recognition is really going to help them much at 14 and Church, in fact it might hurt them.

Anonymous said...

the heat has made you cranky

CAHBF said...

I love in the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels when Steve martin plays the mentally challenged nephew Ruprect. He's at dinner and the target of the scheme looks at him and asks, Why is there a cork on his fork? Michael Caine says, SO he wont hurt himself. And others. At which point Steve Martin stabs himself in the eye with the cork. Comedy gold. Another reason Cork and Fork not a great name

Anonymous said...

did someone say de vinos at 14th/Logan Circle?
please say that this is true...!!!