Monday, August 13, 2007

Streestcape Woe

The Washington Post recently reported on the P Street Streetscape project and its consequences. In short: not good. Along the way toward prettier sidewalks, nicer street lighting, and repaved streets, a 16 month project, business volume is down. The article sites loss of parking, narrow sidewalks, a reduced number of traffic lanes, and obstruction of storefronts by construction as possible causes of the downturn. Apparently, the effects are so severe that some are pushing for tax relief for affected businesses and low interest loans to help them weather the interruption.

I'm not implying that we do not want a Streetscape project in our area. I also think that every neighborhood is unique and will be affected in different ways by these sorts of construction projects. I do think, however, that we should keep the P Street challenges in mind during upcoming public meetings for 14th Street. I also really encourage local businesses to show up and defend their interests.

By the way, Commisioner Dyer is representing the ANC at these meetings. You can share your ideas and concerns with him by using his contact information as posted here.

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