Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fire at Alberto's Pizza

I didn't notice this along my walk to the Metro this morning (I usually come up Q St.), but there was apparently a fire overnight at Alberto's Pizza, located on the 2000 block of P St., just off Dupont Circle. No word yet on the damages to the building, which also included a Subway restaurant. Traffic was shut down on P St. for part of the A.M. commute, which I'm sure made a lot of people traversing into Georgetown very, very happy.

I hope the fire was nothing serious, because I'm quite a fan of Alberto's pie--it's pretty straightforward stuff, but the spices they throw on top of the pizza makes it a cut above the Manny & Olga's fare. It's also a nicely pedestrian alternative to Pizzeria Paradiso across the street (and one of the few pizza joints that will deliver to our corner of Logan). Here's hoping that they're back up and running soon.

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