Friday, August 31, 2007


In July, I became aware of a protest against a possible addition of a rooftop deck to Black Cat. The reaction of three ANC’s has been to oppose the deck. I found the strength of the response to be noteworthy, and as a patron of Black Cat, I was really interested in what was going on.

At the ANC meetings, we tend to hear a lot about opposition to business, especially when it comes to the building/expansion of bars and clubs. So I spoke with both ANC 1B commissioner Dee Hunter and Black Cat owner Dante Ferrando as a case study about ANC/ABRA protests. I have a lot of interesting information from both conversations that I plan to share over a few posts.

I also have to say that both Ferrando and Hunter gladly agreed to speak with me. Both of them also know that I'm writing a piece for this blog. I am very appreciate for their help with this little local interest story on a fledging blog.

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