Monday, August 13, 2007

ANC Stands in the Way of You Getting a Beer

A lot of us were thrilled when Stoney's opened on the 14oo block of P Street. So you should then also be excited to hear that Stoney's is expanding to the the second floor of the building they occupy. When I last heard an update in July, construction work was almost complete. However, such an expansion requires the approval of the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA). ANC 2F is trying to get in the way of this approval.

In May ANC 2Fdecided to file a protest with ABRA on the basis that the expansion would "disturb the peace, order and quiet, of residential tenancies and lower property values." Apparently, the one story Stoney's does not cause any peace, order, or quiet issues. Nor do Halo's large open window or the outdoor seating at Logan Tavern and Merkado disturb the peace. In reality, the protest appears to be about the terms of the voluntary agreement (VA).

My understanding is that Stoney's found the VA, as drafted by the ANC, to be unacceptable and, therefore, declined to sign it. The Stoney's ownership, protecting its interests, then showed up to the monthly ANC meeting with an attorney. The rejection of the VA and presence of an attorney caused Commissioner Charles Reed to accuse Stoney's of not negotiating in good faith. At the last ANC meeting, there was no hope of progress at that time, and, the matter will be settled during the September meeting at the earliest (the August meeting was canceled). I'll try to provide updates as I find out more.

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