Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Parking Enforcement, DPW Apparently Not Talking

So, after putting up my post last night about DPW's suspension of street sweeping due to the Nuclear Summit, I decided not to move my car this morning. Because, you know, street sweeping had been suspended.

Only it seems someone forget to notify Officer Williams of Parking Enforcement.

Note how Officer Williams was so on top of his/her game, that he/she indicates that the signs said parking enforcement was in effect on Thursday, even though the ticket is for Tuesday. Forget being on top of DPW announcements, he/she can't even get the day correct.

I know that the language at the bottom of the ticket includes a warning about assaulting parking enforcement personnel,so I will in no way imply that Officer Williams deserves a nice one of these.

So now I get to experience the joy that is the immense waste of time known as protesting a DC parking ticket. Thank you, Officer Williams.


werddrew said...

Hopefully they're not too strict with this, but the DPW press release does say this:

"Signs will be posted within the following area stating that motorists will not have to move their vehicles for street sweeping."

Unknown said...

Apparently Officer Stewart on the 1300 block of N St. missed the memo as well, as every space was filled and every car was ticketed, including yours truly.

Lauren McK said...

According to the Shaw Neighborhood listserve, Councilmember Evans office is happy to help:

At the suggestion from several residents, street sweeping will also be suspended on 4th Street during the nuclear summit at the Convention Center. The original press release said that the eastern border was 5th Street; it will now be 4th Street. The norther boundary of Florida Avenue NW, the southern boundary of H Street NW and the western boundary of 15th Street remain the same. The signage may not get changed in time since this decision was just made so if you receive a street sweeping ticket on 4th Street on April 12, 13 or 14th, contact our office and we'll work with you.

Sherri Kimbel
Director of Constituent Services
Office of Councilmember Jack Evans

oh, catherine... said...

Did you have to edit this post many times to keep it calm? I would be livid!

Anonymous said...

I got one too-- 1400 block of M street!

Efficiency at its best! Thanks DC! Glad you communicated this press release to your parking enforcement officers.

Anonymous said...

I got one this morning as well on the corner of 11th and V st NW. If this happens to you, please call the DPW and report the officer/badge number, as they are not supposed to be issuing these tickets. They have been wrongly citing people all over my neighborhood this morning.

Anonymous said...

This Officer Williams really gets around! He/she ticketed me at 11th and Girard last week.

werddrew said...

Ha, as if on cue my car was ticketed and towed this morning. It WAS at 9th and T somewhere. It likely resides somewhere in the 7th at T area...hopefully.

13th and You said...

U street listserv posting says the tickets will automatically be cancelled. Trust but verify.

Kevin said...

From the Cardozo-Shaw listserve:

To ease the parking burden created by the Nuclear Security Summit, the DC Department of Public Works issued a news release April 9, 2010 advising motorists that vehicles parked within the boundaries below, between April 12-14, would not be ticketed for residential street cleaning. Some motorists did receive these tickets in error and the tickets will be voided automatically.

Streets within which street cleaning ticketing was suspended from April 12 to 14:

* Florida Avenue, NW (northern boundary).
* H Street, NW (southern boundary).
* 5th Street, NW (eastern boundary).
* 15th Street, NW (western boundary).

Please contact me directly if you have any problems. I do apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.



Kevin B. Twine
Staff Assistant
Department of Public Works
Office of the Director
2000 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Ph: 202-671-2593
Fx: 202-671-0642

Anonymous said...

Also, don't fall for that "pay by phone" sticker on the side of the meters.

I paid by phone for 2 hours on 20th and N st. and the lady on the phone said I was good to go. 1 hour later? ticket!