Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For Breakfast Today We Have...Omelette Taquitos?

Good Lord. Who in their right mind would start their day with one of these things?

If these are your choices, you might as well go with the sausuge-n-lard special.


lee.watkins said...

real lard (leaf lard) is actually really good for you. it's better for you than butter or corn/palm oil. more vitamins and minerals, better balance of the lighter (good) fats. You have to buy leaf lard cuts from a farm that raises grass-fed hogs that live outdoors. cut the lard chunks small and cook down in an iron pan with water. this makes the best oil you can get for baking bread or frying things. especially pie crusts or breaded fried items.

convexhull said...

Obviously, some people are eating them. Stand outside and observe the people purchasing: Obviously the riff-raff of the neighborhood.

Fatty Patty said...

Who eats these things? Low-income adults and children who lack knowledge about the benefits of good nutrition. Your post is sorta snobbish and judgmental, Mr. 14th & U.