Monday, April 19, 2010

Nellie's Robbed at Gunpoint; Mid-City Caffe is Really Cool

It appears that Nellie's was robbed this afternoon at gunpoint; Borderstan has the scoop.

I can't tell you how upsetting it is to learn that businesses we love have been the victim of a violent crime. The Mrs. and I have watched more Capitals and Buckeyes games at Nellie's (and played a few rounds of Jenga) than we can count. Thankfully, no one was injured.

On another note, I wanted to pass along a positive story about one of our local businesses. Over the weekend, I inadvertently left my debit card in a local ATM. Aside from being risky to your bank account, it presents all kinds of headaches for your day-to-day activities--including paying for your morning coffee and bagel. I had to hang around the neighborhood a bit this morning in order to wait for the bank branch to open up so I could retrieve my card; while I did so, I decided to pop into the Mid-City Caffe for some breakfast and a coffee.

After placing my order, it immediately dawned on me that I had no cash to pay for it. Seeing my predicament, the guy working the counter said "no problem, just pay us the next time you're in," and promptly delivered my bagel and latte. Now, he certainly didn't have to do that...but it was really cool that he did. So, thank you Mid-City. You've certainly earned yourself a loyal customer.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that Mid-City Caffe did that! I absolutely love that place and have met so many absolutely great employees there. Their personal touch really makes a difference.

convexhull said...

The crime seems like it's really getting really out of hand. I get the DC police alerts emails, and it's beginning to get me wonder wtf is happening and why our politicians suck so much. If the current crop of politicians can't keep the streets safe, then we should elect some one's that can.

Last night:Robbery force and Violence_0128 hours_2000 P St NW

Robbery Snatch_0130_1324 U St NW_B/M 240lbs

And from the last few days:

ROBBERY GUN _ 2059HRS @ 1500 B/O OGDEN ST NW LOF B/M 5'05"

Robbery (Gun) 0147 hours 1500 block of S Street, NW_L/O for 2 B/M's wearing baggy clothes (I think this was Kal Pen's robbery)

Robbery Force & Violence 2010 Hours 12th & N Street NW. Look out for H/M

Robbery at 14th and Rhode Island NW. 1404hrs. Lookout for S-1 B/M,


Robbery Gun 2040 hours 1900 New Hampshire Ave NW B/M 23 years of age

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Not trying to be snarky convexhull, but what would you have our politicians do? What is not currently being done that should be done? It's an honest question. I've heard Mendelson, Evans, Graham et al. speak to this topic, but few tangible recommendations ever come from it (save for the occasional anti-looitering dispute or what have you).

So what would your recommendations be?

convexhull said...

how about increasing patrols? seems to me like bicycle patrols might be especially helpful.

Anonymous said...

There are lots of things we could be doing better, this security video from Nellie's and other business cameras make a difference as these types of crimes are usually not one time occurences. Send out a warning to all businesses to be aware of the security of their back doors.'s-sports-bar-on-u-street-in-northwest-d.c.-042110

There are lots of community policing solutions that could be led by MPD, instead we have the need for Borderstan to communicate for us across our two Police Districts and multiple police services areas.

There are things we can do if our leaders lead.

Greg said...

You shouldn't use a debit card for everyday purchases.