Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking: Metro considering cessation of all Green Line service on weekends

To follow up on the recent news item related to pending service cuts to Metro, comes this distressing bit of news that I received this morning:

Included in the potential service cut alternatives is a proposal to eliminate all Green Line service on weekends. Yes, you read that correctly: the Metro Board is actually considering eliminating an entire line of service on weekends. Under the proposed plan, Yellow Line trains would continue to operate between Mt. Vernon Square and Eisenhower Ave.

According to the release distributed by WMATA, the elimination of Green Line service would substantially aid the beleaguered transit agency in closing a projected $190 million budget gap. According to incoming interim Metro GM Richard Sarles:

"At this point, these options are precisely that--options. Nothing has been decided, or will be decided, without significant input from those throughout the community. We recognize that certain proposed measures could potentially have a perceived negative impact on certain Metrorail riders, and we take those concerns very seriously. Any final decision will certainly take into account any potentially detrimental impacts to riders, and we will take every possible step to mitigate those impacts."

It goes without saying that such a move would be potentially devastating to communities up and down the Green Line. If you have not already, make sure you take advantage of the period available for public comment and express to Metro your concerns about these (and other) proposed changes.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, and the folks over at Greater Greater Washington have a great sense of humor. Honestly had I not already seen their blog first (claiming DC was considering closing the 14th street bridge on weekends) I would have been totally duped by your posting. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I was completely fooled for a minute!