Sunday, July 31, 2011

Abdo to build apartments on vacant Logan Circle site; McDonalds and ChiDogO to return @ 14th and U

DC Urban Turf and DC Mud report that local developer Jim Abdo is seeking to construct an apartment building on one of the last remaining vacant parcels in Logan Circle. The developer is seeking to construct 70 apartment units at 1427 Rhode Island Ave. NW, along with an underground parking garage.

Why is the site vacant, you ask? Abdo acquired the property, along with the adjacent lots, in 2001. The adjacent lots have since been redevelped, while the currently vacant lot housed two 19th century romanesque townhouses. Abdo's team originally removed the roof from the townhomes after they were found to be hazardous; in 2007, the entire structures were demolished.

According to DC Mud: "Design of the building will mirror the adjacent buildings, designed by William Harris in 1929 and 1930. The new addition will add "a classical tripartite organization, with a two-story stone base, a five-story midsection clad in brick, and a brick attic story with a cornice." Abdo Development is seeking a zoning variance for reduced parking, and will share the existing driveway to a planned underground garage."

The project has received the support of the Historic Preservation Office, but must still receive approvals from both HPRB and BZA.

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In other development-related news, as reported here and in the Business Journal reported last week, JBG Cos. and Georgetown Strategic Capital announced plans to commence work on the unnamed project formerly dubbed the "Utopia Project" in the 4th quarter of 2011.

According to JBG, at least two tenants for the project are already known: McDonalds will return at its 14th and U location becaus eit has a longterm lease there, and recnet arrival ChiDogO will return as well. In addition, the developer also announced that they would work to retain as many of the existing tenants along the U Street-side of the project as possible. These tenants, which inhabit the series of rowhouses that will be preserved and incorporated into the project, include Coppi's Organic, DC Noodles and restaurant and jazz lounge Utopia.

The massive project will rise nine stories above the 14th and U intersection and include 267 apartment units.


Lydia said...

Just for the record :)

Nat said...

Unfortunately, Abdo cannot bring the Taco Bell back from the dead.

Lance said...

It sounds like what Abdo did was 'demolition by neglect' to an extent I've never seen before. I mean to pull the roofs off of historic properties and let the rain get in to destroy them to the point where razing them 'is the only safe thing to do'.

Anonymous said...

Abdo's a joke. He demolished our history for his profit. He broke the law, but the Office of Historic Preservation will focus more on how an infill townhome is too similar to it's context rather than ensuring that context is being demolished illegally. Shame on Abdo.

Hero to the Masses said...

The fsct that ChiDogo's is returning is the real crime. That place is terrible.

Anonymous said...

ChiDogo's is going to come back? Why?