Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peregrine Espresso Aiming for Spring Opening

Peregrine Espresso, which is set to become the latest caffeine purveyor to set up shop in Logan, is planning for an opening "sometime in the spring," according to a tweet sent today.

Yes, I know that's a vague timeframe, but in the convoluted and unpredictable world of business opening in DC, vague is frequently the only answer you can get.

Those pining for other evening coffee shop hours in the neighborhood should take heart: according to Peregrine, they're planning to maintain the same hours as their Capitol Hill location (until 9PM M-Sat, and 8PM on Sunday).


Anonymous said...

I hope some of these local coffee places start selling big a*sed cups of iced green tea or I have to keep going to Starbucks. :-(

Unknown said...

What are the cross streets of the location?