Thursday, February 3, 2011

Closing: Pasha Bistro and...the Post Office?

We frequently write about the opening of new businesses and restaurants, so it's only fitting that we occasionally write about some closings as well.

Borderstan reports--and a subsequent walk-by confirms--that Pasha Bistro, the 17th Street Turkish cafe, has closed its doors. In its place will be "Pizza No. 17," opening on March 1. According to owner Payam Yadzani, Pizza No. 17 will offer "organic, wood-fired pizzas." For the 14thandyous, this is dreadful news. Pasha's gyros, grape leaves and cigar borek served us well on many a weekday evening when we were either unwilling or unable to cook. As recently as two weeks ago, we were sitting in their dining room making use of our recently purchased Groupon.

I wish I could say that I was excited about the prospect of wood-fired pizzas, but anymore it seems that half of the restaurants in DC are offering some variation of "wood-fired pizzas." For those nights when you can't get a seat at Coppi's, perhaps Pizza No. 17 will fit the bill.

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On a slightly different note, those of you who have shaken your fists (or considered acts of violence) at the patron-disdaining clerks of the 14th and T Post Office may not have to shake your fists much longer. Seems that location is on the USPS's short list of post offices to close as part of a cost-saving measure.

While I will be the first to admit that it's very beneficial to have a post office conveniently located in the neighborhood, going there often felt like entering a dilapidated convenience store where the clerks all yell at you from behind bulletproof glass, and your feet stick to the floor in a way that reminds you of your worst college dive bar experiences.

According to DCist, the USPS plans to shutter 2,000 post offices across the country, and the 14th and T location--having been on a planned 2010 closure list, but somehow having survived it--seems destined to go. The office does seem to be heavily used, and so I can only wonder what criteria was used by the USPS when selecting offices for closure. But I don't think too many people will miss being greeted at the door by a shrieking clerk at 12:55 on a Saturday because they want to close five minutes early.


Anonymous said...

Bummer...never even heard of Pasha Bistro and now wish I had known it was there. Would have loved to have grabbed gyros as I walked home from work.

Anonymous said...

you know, I have always received friendly service at the USPS on 14th. Yeah they were slow, and the place is a dump, but they were always cordial. Low expectations help too.

Anonyme said...

But where do we go? ...Isn't 14th and T the only post office anywhere around that is open on a Saturday? Midtown (14th & L used to be, but no longer.) I don't even think the Union Station p.o. is open on Sat. Does that leave only a long trek to Brentwood (off the Rhode Island Avenue metro)?

Anonymous said...

Pasha Bistro started out great, a tasty addition to the neighborhood. But they replaced their chef about six months later, and the food went from good to near unedible. Things may have changed; I haven't eaten there in a few years. I sure hope switching to pizza will once again return the restaurant to usefulness.

Anonymous said...

18th & Kalorama is open Saturdays 9 to noon.

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooooooooo! Not the 14th & T USPS! I live in 20010, and my post office is the one on Georgia Avenue near Park Road, which is the WORST USPS in the area. Going to the T St. post office for outgoing mail was the only saving grace for my mailing situation.

Anonymous said...

I'm in mourning. Pasha Bistro was a great standby on those nights when you just didn't know what you wanted for dinner. RIP.