Thursday, January 27, 2011

SNOprise 2011: Please remember to shovel your walk

I hope everyone is safe and warm--and has power. (Ours went out for a few minutes last night, but otherwise stayed on.)

For those of you not working today and who are currently at home on your sofa, in your pajamas and sipping coffee--lucky you. But please make sure that your front walk is shoveled. The sidewalks and streets are a slushy mess outside!

While you're at it, if you are able, Dupont Circle Village is organizing volunteers to help older or disabled residents shovel their walk, steps and porches. Courtesy of the Urban Neighborhood Alliance:

Some villagers are in need of support shoveling their steps and sidewalk and may need help with groceries. Show this local group we're here to help! Contact Bernice Hutchinson at or 202-436-5252.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, St. Lukes Church at 15th and Church never, ever shovels the walk on the 1500 Blocks of Church Street or P Street -- they only do their steps and a short walk from their parking lot.

Nor does Whole Foods ever do the walk in from of their parking lot on the 1400 Block of Church Street.

Anonymous said...

Great entry. I work for city council and was wondering if you have an email we can add to our press list? Thanks!