Thursday, January 13, 2011

Black's protest dropped; seafood restaurant and bar on its way

TBD reports this morning that all protests aginst Jeff Black's new seafood-themed restaurant and bar have been dropped. This means that Black can continue the build-out of the space can continue without any concerns related to the obtainment of a liquor license. As we reported previously, there were some sticking points in the negotiation process between Black, ANC2F and a group of citizen protesters.

The final license agreement stipulates closing hours of 1 AM weekdays and 2 AM weekends, along with outdoor patio hours of 11 PM weekedays, midnight on Friday and Saturday, and 10 PM Sunday. As part of the negotiations, Black agreed to drop plans for a so-called "smoker's deck" in the back of the restaurant.

No official word yet on an official opening date for the Pearl Dive Oyster Bar and BlackJack, but look for something early-mid summer.


James said...

Great news for the neighborhood. As an immediate neighbor on Q Street, I'm very glad to see this move forward. It's unforunate that some in the neighborhood feel the need to fight every detail of the operation of these new legitimate establishments in an effort to 'protect their property values', when this and many other similar storefronts have been a vacant eyesore for some time now.

Scott said...

This is great news indeed. As we all know, vibrant neighborhoods with dining and retail options add more to our property values (and quality of life) than vacant buildings.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the particulars of the zoning variance request by the owners of the Posto lot (1515 14th Street LLC)? As a neighbor, we just received notice of this and of course the notice makes no mention of the actual plans but instead states what variances have been requested, including from "roof structure height limitations."

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

There are plans to construct a six story office building on the lot. The developer is Giorgio Furioso, who also redeveloped the building that Posto is in.