Friday, January 7, 2011

JBG breaking ground on District Condos this Monday

According to James Nozar of JBG, the raze permits finally arrived for the span of low-lying buildings along 14th Street between S and Swann, meaning that demolition can commence and the long-anticipated District Condos project can finally get off the ground.

Clark Construction will handle the demolition, which is expected to last between 15-20 days, after which Bovis Construction will commence excavation and construction. All told, construction should last approximately 18 months, placing an anticipated delivery date sometime around summer 2012.

Nozar mentioned that JBG will be planning a community meeting to discuss the details of the construction process--access, loading, parking, etc.--once those details are finalized. In the spring, JBG will be setting up a sales cente rin the neighborhood to commence condo sales for the building.

And no, for those wondering: no info on potential commercial tenants yet.

Additional info can be found at the District Condos website.

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Jim said...

This project is moving fast!!!

Why can't O Street make any progress?!