Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back From Holiday: Around the Blogosphere

Hello everyone, and apologies for the lack of updates around here recently. Between the holiday and lots of family-related stuff, there just hasn't been a lot of time for neighborhood stuff. One of the explanations for the recent lull in posts is that Mrs. 14thandyou recently completed her graduate school coursework in elementary education. We're very proud of her, and are thankful that there are people out there like her who are willing to put up with the little brats.

With that aside, we're pleased to bring you some interesting tidbits recently from around what the beloved former senator from Alaska referred to as "the series of tubes":

Borderstan has the story on an arrest and charge in the recent stabbing death of a Silver Spring man on 9th Street. (Also, check out Borderstan's new layout--it's pretty snazzy.)

DC Metrocentric has a great shot of the building at 14th and T that is set to become furniture retailer Room and Board, from its days as an auto showroom. Model Ts for everyone!

U Street Girl has the story about a new deli coming in at a long-abandoned spot at 12th and S streets. Interestingly, the owner appears to be the former head of a DC charter school who did some time for his involvement in a computer theft ring.

D.C. Foodies discovers poutine at ChurchKey. How do the Quebecois say "My arteries have the need of the Drano?"

Should DC relax its height restriction? That is the question posed by DC Mud, who looks at the way other cities--such as Paris--have integrated tall structures into their cityscapes while maintaining their unique skylines. One neighborhood suggested as a potential future home for 40 story buildings is Chevy Chase. 'Tis a mighty shame Frank Winstead is no longer on the ANC in order to protest that one.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Mrs. 14th & You! Your future brats could never be as challenging as we crazies in the neighborhood in which you live.