Monday, June 28, 2010

"Estadio" Opening Soon

Those of you looking forward to getting some Spanish tapas here in Logan won't have to wait much longer.

Estadio, the new venture from Proof-owner Mark Kuller, is set to open its doors soon (although a promised opening date by "the end of the month" seems unlikely). Estadio, which will be located in the former Garden District space at 14th and Church streets, will feature contemporary Spanish cuisine focused on the northern part of the country. And since it is a creation of the team behind Penn Quarter's Proof, you also know that Estadio will feature an extensive wine list--over 300 wines, in fact, many of them Spanish.

(If you've walked by their space during the last week or so, you know that this pic is a bit outdated. Sorry, I hadn't been by with a camera for awhile.)

According to a release sent out by the restaurant, chef Haidar Karoum's menu will feature a variety of pintxos (small snacks) ranging in price from $3-$6, traditional tapas from $5-$11, and smaller entrees from $12-$19. Of particular interest to those of you (like us) who complain about the frequently crummy bread served with meals at restaurants throughout the area, all of the bread served at Estadio will be baked fresh on the premises.

One final bit of trivia for those interested in such minutiae: the space Estadio is moving into wasn't originally designed to house a restaurant, and had to be retrofitted with an exhaust fan in order to make it work--no small investment.

No firm opening date yet, but from the looks of the interior of the restaurant, they're between 1-2 weeks out. Keep watching for a firm opening date.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled to have something from the Proof folks nearby (though I would prefer non-tapas...) But we also need more midrange food. What do we have to do to get a Teaism or local pizza joint (I'm talking to you, Comet Ping Pong) in the 'hood?

Anonymous said...

The space used to be a restaurant before Lofts 14 II renovated and before anything was even on Church was called The Saint.

Anonymous said...

The decor in Estadio is all wrong for the space it occupies! Chairs are too big and heavey and the space is too cramped and claustrophobic. The exact opposite of an Estadio(Stadium).Pity, in gutting the place the owners had a the owners had a chance to make it into something special.
Perhaps the food will be good and make up for the lousy decor.

convexhull said...

I agree with anonymous that we need more mid-priced options. Teaism is one of my faves! A good pizza / sandwich joint would hit the spot.

It's perhaps true that restaurants serve crummy bread with their meals, but baking bread onsite won't guarantee quality bread if it's made by a buffoon. By the way, if I know I'm going to a place with "crummy" bread, I just put some from home in my manpurse and conspicuously snack on it at the restaurant.

Anonymous said...

We just discovered this great new place for "Spanish Tapas." Kudos to Chef Haidar Karoum for a long-overdue new tapas bar in DC with an exciting and creative menu and original pintxos! Bravo!!!