Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homemade Pizza Opening on January 21

Logan-ites will soon be able to take home some tasty take-and-bake pizzas, courtesy of the Homemade Pizza Company which is set to open on Thursday, January 21 at the corner of 14th and Church streets. We snapped this photo this afternoon of workers putting the finishing touches on the building's exterior:

Chicago-based Homemade Pizza has locations in Illinois and Minnesota, in addition to four locations throughout the DC area (not including Logan). Since Chicagoans are known for having rather particular taste when it comes to pizza, perhaps their opinion is worth something (unless you're one of those people who prefers "NY style", in which case you must hate life in DC). So, if the Wicker Park Yelpers are any indication, this place is quite good. Although at $15-$19 per pie, some might rightfully be asking why they're being asked to cook the pizza themselves.

Say, do you think we can claim that a neighborhood has "arrived" when take-and-bake pizzas sell for $19? Just wondering.

Oh, and some of you have asked about forthcoming wine shop "Cork and Fork," which is set to move in as well. It will indeed be sharing a space with Homemade Pizza, with the entrance right next door. No official word on an opening for them yet, but they do not yet have a liquor license so the opening is not imminent. And, no, for those wondering "Cork and Fork" has no connection whatsoever to a certain wine bar a little further up 14th Street.


One quick personal note: you may have noticed a lack of updates here recently. Unfortunately, the 14thandyous have been dealing with the prolonged illness--and recent death--of a family member in an out-of-state locale, which has necessitated numerous trips out of the area. Such a situation doesn't do wonders for your holidays, and it certainly puts neighborhood blogging on the back-burner. We look forward to getting back to more regular updates beginning next week.


cathy said...

with sympathy, mr. and mrs., and spring brings cheerier times for you both.

Lindsay said...

I worked in Chicago in Bucktown (north wicker park) across from one of the Homeade Pizza places. The pizza is really great and a good option for tasty pizza that is hot enough to burn the top of your mouth while you are watching tv in your jammies unlike delivery which has lost that magical just out of the oven moment and frozen pizza which tastes, well, formerly-frozen. Great for picking up on your way home from work. The price is pretty steep, but I see it as a nice occasional splurge.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss...That is hard. Particularly so during the holidays.

okienoodler said...

Thanks for the update. I sincerely appreciate the valuable service you provide for the neighborhood. Best wishes and condolences.

Alex M said...

I've been eating at Homemade Pizza since the day they started (raised in Wilmette, IL), and I love it. Great pizzas. Not Chicago style, but a Chicagoland creation nonetheless. Glad they came to DC.

Blake the Megalomaniac said...

"Say, do you think we can claim that a neighborhood has "arrived" when take-and-bake pizzas sell for $19? Just wondering."

Short answer: Yes

Anonymous said...

Not sure if $19 pizza means a neighborhood has arrived, but it does mean it has gentrified and that much of the riff-raff is gone.

Anonymous said...

Homemade Pizza Co’s stuff is OK, but it’s expensive and they’re pretty stingy with toppings. In Chicago they cater to parents who would feel guilty ordering delivery but whose kids are too poorly behaved to be taken into a supermarket for the 10 minutes it would take to assemble the same thing in discrete ingredient form — the dinner rush line tends to be an army of parents white knuckling their blackberries while trying to control bored kids whose noon dose of adderal is wearing off.

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Oh! This is very exciting! I love to taste different styles and recipes especially home made pizzas.

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Wow! Pizza I sure wish I could take a taste of your pie. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

They opened today. Free slices out front, and they were just okay. Will reserve judgment until I can buy it the way I want it, and bake at home.

Amy Melrose said...

Hi there, First, I want to acknowledge your personal loss, sorry to hear. I hope you are adjusting to things. I know words can't do much here.

Thanks for keeping us all in the loop about what is going on along the 14th St Corridor, sad also to see go mama go go. I am looking forward to a pizza place opening up soon as well. Would be nice to have more than jumbo slice around (though Pete's in Columbia Heights is pretty good).

I wanted to email you directly rather than send you a comment but I assume you moderate them all and I don't see your contact info anywhere on the blog. Can you please email me back at this email or amelrose at

I also blog at "Free in DC" and I work with the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington part time. I was hoping you would add a link to on your DC links list, it's a Super searchable online Resource for Arts and Cultural events in DC, MD and VA (happy to tell you more about it) and also links to TICKETPLACE (half price tickets online in advance).

I hope to hear from you. Thanks!