Monday, January 4, 2010

"Estadio" Liquor License Discussion Set for Wednesday

Welcome to 2010, 14thandyou-ers. I hope everyone had a safe, happy and relaxing new year's. I know we did.

What better way to ring in the new year than via an ANC2F meeting? Well, actually, I can think of several more attractive alternatives, but this is DC after all, and we do nothing if not local politics here, so I guess it fits. There are a couple of items of note on this month's agenda, not the least of which is a discussion related to a voluntary agreement for a liquor license for the forthcoming Estadio, the new culinary destination set to arrive later this year at 14th and Church streets. Estadio, you may recall, will be operated by the same team that is behind Penn Quarter's Proof.

Needless to say, the restaurant's liquor license application has been met with a fair amount of pushback from neighborhood residents--particularly those who live directly above it. Remember, that space was previously occupied by the Garden District, and a more benign downstairs neighbor you are unlikely to find. I'm not privy to the issues being addressed in the voluntary agreement negotiations, but it's safe to assume that they involve some combination of 1) operating hours, 2) noise, 3) trash collection and 4) traffic and parking.

It's worth noting, prior to embarking on this lively discussion, that the ANC is limited in its powers with regards to liquor license applications. It cannot refuse to grant licenses--only ABRA has that power. But it can enter the proceedings as a protestant (typically on the grounds of "peace, order and quiet"). The voluntary agreements that are negotiated in order for the ANC to drop their protest are, despite some evidence to the contrary, voluntary--meaning that if the two sides cannot come to an agreement, an adjudication hearing will be held to resolve the dispute.

Other items on the ANC's agenda for Wednesday evening will be a ratification of the Cork and Fork VA (the new wine shop opening across the street from Estadio), a discussion of ongoing crime issues at the Monterrey Condominium complex at 11th and N, and a review of the economic development recommendations put forth by the ANC2f Arts Overlay Committee during summer and fall of last year.

As always, meetings begin at 7 PM on Wednesday evening at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Thomas Circle. Additional information can be found at the ANC's website.


Anonymous said...

hi 14th and you - love your blog, thanks for keeping us up to speed on the 'hood.

Question: is Cork and Fork different from Cork Wine Bar/Wine Shop up at 14th and T?

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Yes, those are entirely different establishments. Cork and Fork has locations in VA and MD. "Cork" is strictly 14th Street-based. This issue was actually brought up at the ANC when Cork and Fork was applying for a liquor license.

Anonymous said...

Like the other anonymous, i love the blog and enjoy the area-specific news.

On that note, i'm excited about Estadio, but I am concerned about your previous post regarding the residents of its building trying to block Estadio's liquor license. How could a local homeowner, like myself, that supports this establishment voice support? Is there a way to do so without going to ANC meeting, perhaps via e-mail? The ANC website doesn't indicate whether it is possible. Thanks.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Anon - the best way to do this would be to sned a message directly to ABRA. The ANC is merely a protestant at these hearings, and don't have the final say as to whether a license is granted or not. Their website is However, I will reiterate that if you can show up to the ANC and voice your support for the establishment, that will help as well. You may also reach out to the team at Proof to see if they have any suggestions for how to channel your support for their establishment.