Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ANC Approves Voluntary Agreements for Estadio, Cork and Fork; Ghana Cafe Opens

Passing along a few notes from this evening's ANC2F meeting, before my head hits the pillow:

The ANC voted unanimously to approve the voluntary agreements for both Estadio and Cork and Fork, paving the way for liquor licenses for both. The approval of Cork & Fork's VA was pretty much a foregone conclusion--only an issue concerning an arcane ABRA regulation relating to the single sales ban caused any hiccups.

Estadio, on the other hand, had provoked a reasonable level of concern from residents of the condo building at 14th and Church streets that it is going to call home. Thanks to the savvy negotiating tactics of ANC2F chairman Charles Reed, all parties came away from the table satisfied. In addition to the VA covering the standard ANC fare (operating hours, parking, noise, etc.), the Estadio team also negotiated a "side agreement" with residents of the building covering issues such as odors and the location of vent fans. If all goes as planned, Estadio looks to be open by this summer.

In other ANC business, the Commission voted unanimously to endorse seven projects, totaling $350,000, that would be applying for funding as part of the Logan Circle Neighborhood Investment Fund through the DC government. Five of the projects were specific recommendations made by the Arts Overlay District Committee involving funding for economic projects for the 14th Street Arts Overlay District, such as a branding campaign for the neighborhood. The other two projects are for a "green team" for 14th Street south of U Street, and $50,000 for a "U Street Visitor's Center" to be awarded to Cultural Tourism DC.

In a later post, I'll delve into more detail on the recommendations made by the Arts Overlay Committee.


One final note to pass along: following months of space build-out and contentious liquor license negotiations, the Ghana Cafe has opened at its new location at 1336 14th Street (although their website says 15th Street--woops).

In addition to a full bar and a menu full of West African goodies, the Cafe will feature live DJs on Thursdays through Sundays spinning Reggae, Afro-Pop and International tunes. More information--including a full menu--can be found at Ghana Cafe's website.


Melissa said...

Where is Cork and Fork going to be? I had thought it was going at 14th and Church, but now that space appears to be Homemade Pizza.

joce said...

i'm with you melissa, where is cork and fork going? it sure looks like a pizza place in 1401 church st. not a wine shop, but the ABC signs are for cork and fork.

i live in this building and either place is fine with me i'm just confused what's going where?

Anonymous said...

I think that the two are splitting the former Metropole sales center space: the homeade pizza store is on the corner and cork & fork will be just north of it.

Blake the Megalomaniac said...

Wasn't (isn't) there a Ghana Cafe on 18th street also?

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

They relocated to 14th Street after closing down the 18th Street location.

House plans said...

Sounds very exciting, I’ll looks forward of it.

Boracay hotel said...

Thanks for the information. I’m sure everyone is waiting for the opening.

Anonymous said...

"the Cafe will feature live DJs on Thursdays through Sundays spinning Reggae, Afro-Pop and International tunes."

Wow this one seemed to slip right into the neighborhood without anyone knowing...Sounds like the making of HUGE trouble on the weekends. Great, another "resturant" that pushes it's tables and chairs to the walls on weekend nights brings in a Dj and opens the door of the boozerator wide open. Stay tuned...a shooting inside is surely right around the corner.

Andy said...


Your are a racist and I know it. To post such a comment about a business is totally unfounded. Ghana Cafe has been in business 15 years and has NEVER had a complaint about violence. Something you advocate in your posting. You should be ashamed of yourself. I know who you are and you should reveal yourself to they community. I know you are anti business and only interested in your own agenda. Which is shallow and moronic. Move to the suburbs and enjoy your terrible company by yourself. You should be ashamed for posting such a horrible comment about a business man. What a coward you are for not giving your name!

Lugano said...

Furthermore, what do you base your assumptions on?