Monday, February 16, 2009

Tom Sietsema Reviews Posto

In this week's Washington Post Magazine, Post restaurant critic Tom Sietsema gives a (mostly) positive review to recently opened Logan Italian bistro Posto, which is located in the former Viridian space on 14th Street.

Posto is the latest venture for Tosca owner Paolo Sacco, and by all accounts it's a winner. Among some choice Sietsema quotes from the article:

On the sausage and cheese appetizer: "The chef knows quality, and Posto's servers know the drill, which runs to delicate prosciutto and fierce coppa, buttery burrata and sharp Parmesan, the genuine article."

Regarding Posto's pasta dishes: "If there's one course you shouldn't miss, it's pasta. Venini makes all but the spaghetti himself, and whatever shape of pasta you choose is filled or topped with something lovely and cooked as it should be, al dente."

Posto's baby chicken dish elicited this quote: "The entree is boned and served on a dark bed of soft kale, everything lightened with a drizzle of lemon butter sauce. It's a chicken you won't soon forget."

Summing up the restaurant: "...if it's a delicious pasta or a seductive scene you're seeking, this is "the spot" to be."

Sietsema gives Posto two stars ("Good"), which if you have spent any time studying Sietsema's rating proclivities, is certainly high praise. The 14thandYous are looking forward to trying Posto for the first time in the very near future. For those who have been, what did you think? Its popularity seems to attest to its quality, but then again I can count no shortage of establishments in DC that are popular and yet seem, to us at least, to be "crap." So let us know if you enjoyed your experience there.

Finally, one quote in particular from Sietsema caught our eye: "If there's any doubt Logan Circle can use more restaurants, this newcomer disproves that notion."

Indeed, that's something we've argued for awhile, most recently in a post about the limitations of the arts overlay district and its potential effect on continued development in Logan. Here's hoping that the continued success of places like Posto will lead the city's powers-that-be to rethink their strategy.


Dennis Whittle said...

Yes, Posto is very good. My picky wife, who grew up in Milan, likes it, so it passed even her test!

Anonymous said...

A friend and i went there after drinks at the Gibson, and were very pleased. We each had a glass of very lovely low-cost pinot, a house salad with peppercorn reggiano cheese and toasted almonds and fennel that was delicious.

Our main course consisted of the Picante and margherita pizzas which were both piping hot and fantastic and made with care and quality ingredients.

i would definitely go back for an opportunity to eat somewhere locally that isn't Logan/Commissary.

Katy M. said...

To celebrate moving to the Logan circle area, my nwe housemate and I had dinner at Posto, we loved the communal table near the bar and found the quattro stagioni pizza delicious! Can't wait to go back for seconds!

Johnna Knows Good Food: Yum Yum, Gimme Some! said...

Sounds good, I'll have to make a trip to Logan Circle soon;-)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to check out Posto. I too have heard great things about it!