Monday, February 23, 2009

Crime Update: MPD Make Arrest in Dupont Street Robberies; Asian Businesses Targeted by Robbers

A couple of pieces of crime-related news to pass on to this morning...

First, from our good friends over at Borderstan, comes this encouraging piece of news, in the form of a release from MPD 2nd District Commander Matt Klein:

"Over the past three days, the Second District experienced a series of street robberies in which victims were knocked to the ground and had purses or other property taken from them. I am happy to report that last night, we arrested 2 subjects that we strongly believe were responsible for the vast majority of those violent cases. The arrests were made after bringing in additional resources to the Georgetown and Dupont area in order to provide support to 2D units as well as provide high visibility to prevent further crimes. These subjects were apprehended as a result of excellent work by patrol officers, members assigned to our office of communications, and MPD detectives."

To which we say: bravo! To anyone who has never attended an ANC or public safety meeting in our community, you may not be aware of how hard our local MPD officers work to ensure the safety of our neighborhood's citizens. Now that the above-mentioned suspects have been taken off of the street, it's up to our not-quite-so-helpful D.C. court system to keep them off.

A second piece of not-so-great news comes from this week's Current, and was also mentioned at the February ANC meeting:

About 15 Asian-owned establishments in D.C. have been robbed since last fall, according to the Metropolitan Police Department, which is continuing to nvestigate the incidents.

[...]The robberies have been concentrated largely in the 4th District near Georgia and New Hampshire avenues, but a few took place in the Dupont Circle and Logan Circle areas.

Included in this list is Logan's own "Great Wall" restaurant, home to some of the best crispy chicken this blogger has ever encountered. The robberies have typically occurred late at night or early in the morning, with the individuals entering through unlocked doors in the backs of the business. Anyone with information regarding the robberies are encouraged to contact MPD.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't also point out one final piece of positive news form our area: according to Lt. Hauser's report from the last ANC meeting, crime overall has dropped precipitously from last year, particularly thefts from autos which are down 66% from the same period last year. Lt. Hauser credits this to arrests of several prolific car burglars in the area, as well as increased awareness on the part of the neighborhood citizenry.

We'll see if the trends hold when the weather warms up, but for now...we'll take it.


Steve S. said...

The drop in car thefts, does that relate to the closure of a lot of used car lots around the district?

That would be a positive sign.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

I don't know if it could be traced to any one particular item...frequently though such a precipitous drop is usually linked to the arrest of a couple of individuals who are responsible for a majority of the crime.