Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One Dead in Shooting at 11th and Q

Edit: The Washington Blade is reporting that the police are focusing on robbery as a motive in the shooting death of Durval Martins. Martins' body was found near the intersection of 11th and Q at 3:30 AM on Tuesday morning, and he was apparently clutching his wallet. Interestingly however his other personal effects--cell phone, watch, etc.--were found on him. It's possible that whoever shot Martins panicked and ran off before robbing him of his other items; alternately, it's possible that robbery was not the intent of the individual who committed this act.

Either way, what a complete tragedy this is. There is a sickening lack of respect for human life by some in this city.


...and the violence continues. DCist chronicles two more murders that occured in northwest last night, including one which occured at around 3:30 AM near the skate park at 11th and Q streets. No details as far as motive are available at the moment. The other murder took place at 4th and V streets, just off the Howard University campus.

We're not thrilled about our blog being taken over by reports of shootings, knifings and murders...but sadly that's just where things are right now.

The two murders give the District 183 for the year, and if the pace of the last week continues unabated we'll be making a strong run at 200 before the end of the year.


None said...

I've been in DC for 17 years. Looking at the statistical differences in crime rates between 1992 and 2008, there is obviously some improvement.

But statistical decreases appear non-existent when you live near these horrors. I was standing next to a dead body this April, just moments after a shooting.

The really scary part? My wife is pregnant. If you plan to have children, it is certain that your perspectives on crime, drugs, and education in DC will change.

Mr. Q said...

Didn't notice anything in the Post today about this shooting, but there was something in the Blade...

See it here...


Anonymous said...

I knew Durval. I hung out with him all the time at his restaurant in Dupont. He was the sweetest, gentlest guy in the world.

There is no reason why this should have happened. It didn't need to happen. I still can't quite believe that it has.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

It seems that the police are focusing on a robbery motive, since Durval had his wallet in his hand when they found him. Interestingly though no other personal items--cell phone, watch, etc.--were taken from him.

I absolutely hate the lack of respect for human life that some in this city possess, and I hate the fact that a culture that commits these types of acts has been allowed to fester in this city for so many years. What an unnecessary tragedy.

Anonymous said...

"culture that commits these types of acts has been allowed to fester in this city for so many years."

Positive change will come... in two generations.

Anonymous said...

I met Durval in October of 1993... we lived together in St Paul and Denver... traveled most of the US together..we had not seen each other for a long time....but he will be missed by many I am sure. God bless you Durval V. Martins.... I hope they catch the SOB's that killed you

Anonymous said...

The reward has been increased to $50,000. We have been posting flyers all over the area--from Howard, North Cap. and Florida, Cardoza, Logan, Rhode Island, 14th and even 17th where Durval was before he went home. I will continue to post flyers until this town is plastered.

He was brutally shot twice in the front-center of his forehead, twice in the side of the head and once through the neck. Execution style. Was this a gang initiation? Someone in the neighborhood has to have seen and/or heard something. Durval must have screamed for help and had his wallet clutched in his hand most likely begging the killer(s) to spare his life. PLEASE! If anyone heard or saw anything at 11th and Q. PLEASE CALL THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS:

Call Det. Paul Regan at (202) 425-5563 (cell) or (202) 645-0472 or Det. Doug Carlson on (202) 486-0233 (cell) or (202) 645-6360; if you’d prefer to stay anonymous, call 1-888-919-2746 or send a text to 50411.

We must organize some sort of group to stem this. I've lived in this area for 12 years and I've been familiar with it for 25 years, and it is getting worse again.

scott rehovsky said...

i mete durval in st paul and he lived with me for quite some time while he worked to get on his feet. he had really pulled it together and i last spoke to him on my birthday in september, and i am so thankful for the conversation we had. i wish i could find his family as i have lots of beautiful photos, as well as of the memories of a beautiful young man. scott