Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inauguration Madness: Are you planning to rent your condo/apartment?

As you may have heard, we elected a president recently. As you also may have heard, DC is the seat of the nation's government, and the new president is going to be sworn in right here, mere blocks from where many in Logan and surrounding neighborhoods reside.

Estimates on anticipated crowd size for the inauguration range from anywhere between 2 million to 5 million people. Now, unless they're planning to go backcountry camping or have friends/family in the area, they're going to be needing a place to stay while they're here for the festivities. Enter the ever-resourceful DC population.

Most of you have likely heard the stories about homes in Ashburn or wherever fetching upwards of $40,000 for inauguration weekend. That's more than a bit ludicrous, but people who reside within DC, and particularly areas like Logan that are convenient to the White House and Capitol, can still stand to make a few bucks subletting their place for a few days.

A brief Craigslist search turned up a number of condos/apartments in and around Logan going for $1,000-$2,000 per night, as of Tuesday. It's not $40k, but it's not bad either. So we thought we would pose the question: are you planning to lease your place out for the inaugural festivities? if so, what has your experience been?

In breaking with the code requiring anyone subletting their home to obtain a license to do so, DC residents can sublet their place license-free during the inauguration. The District's website even has a sample lease form, which we strongly urge everyone to view before agreeing to let that nice family from Milwaukee take up residence in your place for a few days.

Also, to those who *are* planning to give up their space for a few days, where are you planning to be? Are you going to stay home and make some new friends? Stay with friends/relatives? Or are you getting out of Dodge? The 14thandyous confess to being somewhat intrigued to experience the near-certain apocalyptic nightmare that the District will become for those few days in mid-January, but we can certainly understand if others don't feel likewise.


Anonymous said...

> where are you planning to be?


>Are you going to stay home and make some new friends?


>Stay with friends/relatives? Or are you getting out of Dodge?

My GF might be taking a piece of the action. I just don't know how much to charge, and how long I really want to be out of my apartment...and how long living with her (and her CAT) will be too much.

Anonymous said...

I just posted some advice for people thinking about renting out their place:

Katherine Tobin said...

I posted my place to CL for $700/night but haven't gotten any hits--I think the stories of $1000/night are exaggerated. ( if anyone is interested) As for where I'll go, I plan on taking advantage of one of the last minute deals in the Washington Post to...TBD. It'll be an adventure!

District Dishes said...

ive had my one bedroom up on craigslist for about 4 weeks. I started at 1k/night and i'm down to 800/night (or 3500 for the whole week). I've only gotten one tiny nibble so far. I'm hoping as it gets closer there will be more frantic people looking.

Thanks for the links to the sample leases, etc!

Unknown said...

Anyone traveling to or staying in DC for the inauguration might be interested in this guide: "Where to Pee in DC: An Insider's Guide for the Inauguration" Sounds goofy, but with the shortage of available bathrooms on and around the National Mall, this 7-page downloadable guide might be the best money spent on the event. Available on ebay for $3.75 (item # 120351046988).

Anonymous said...

I think DC natives are going to have the last laugh with these ridiculous charges. I don't know anyone who's had their place up at that price range that has any takers. Shame on you DC for letting greed take over. Have you noticed we're in a depressed economy? Good luck, but I'll sleep in my car before paying $1000/night for a place that would normally go for $00-$200/night.

Anonymous said...

Hiya... Apartment Search is one of our clients and we noticed that the "For Rent" graphic above is hosted from our Apartment Life blog.

You should take it down. The image is bought from one of the stock image services. If their crawler spots it - and we promise, it DOES spot stuff like this - they'll zap you for a very pricey lawsuit. We've had it happen to us, sadly (on a different site).