Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun With Google Streetview

If there's anyone out there who hasn't yet had an opportunity to test drive Google's "StreetView" application, I'd recommend it as a good way to kill some time at work. Heck, if you're like me it will completely suck you in. It's the next best thing to actually walking through a neighborhood...or driving it...or living in it. But whatever.

Just for fun, I grabbed a few screenshots of some areas around Logan/U Street and though I'd share them here. The pic quality is low-res--I guess they have to be in order for the program to function properly. Once I got over the pseudo-creepiness factor of being able to look into my living room window through this program, I decided that it's pretty darn neat. See for yourself...

1500 block of U Street:

1200 block of U St., showing the Lincoln Theater, Ben's Chili Bowl and the True Reformer Building:

13th St. rowhouses, just north of U St.:

1400 block of P St.:

Pretty houses around Logan Circle:

The corner of 11th and P, looking west towards Logan Circle:

11th and U, looking north towards Bohemian Caverns:

Businesses along 14th St.:


Anonymous said...

Pulp! Go Mama Go! Home Rule! That plant store that plays techno in the mornings!

Anonymous said...

Google Streetview is a fantastic tool for my real estate clients, especially those looking to buy from out of town.

As for me, it's a great way to kill time, zipping up and down the virtual streets.