Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Farewell to Viridian

Yesterday we lost neighborhood restaurant Viridian. While strolling along 14th Street yesterday, I saw this sign:
As far as I know, there was no warning that the restaurant had planned to close. In an odd bit of coincidence, Mr. 14th & You and I had a New Year's eve dinner there. Without a doubt it was one of the best meals I have ever had in this city -- delicious and creative food, great wine selections, and impeccable attentive service. But since we tend to be a household fueled by inexpensive Lalibella meals and Trader Joe's prepared foods, that was both our first and last Viridian meal.

Last New Year's we lost another personal favorite along 14th Street, Red Sage. In their instance, veteran restaurant owners decided that a lease increase was too expensive for them to bear profitably. Though we were sad to lose them, we do gain a small measure of satisfaction from seeing the storefront empty to this day. I can only hope that the landlord kicks himself for being greedy rather than accepting another year's rent at a lower than desired rate.
Fortunately DC is becoming more known for great restaurants. Though I will continue to miss old favorites, I'm sure that great new places will spring up soon.


Beets and Bonbons said...

This is such sad news! Most times that I dined at Viridian, it looked like they were doing well. It was such a gem of a restaurant and the food was top notch. That's really too bad, we loved taking friends there.

Anonymous said...

Loved the artsy, open atmosphere and delicious brunch! It will be missed...