Thursday, January 10, 2008

ANC 2F Crime Updates

There weren't too many new matters at last night's ANC meeting, but there was some interesting information regarding crime in Logan/Shlogan/East Shaw.

Good news:
PSA 308 (adjacent to our ANC) will be getting Shotspotter. The date for installation has not been set, but it is definitely coming. Most of the shots fired in our PSA are close enough to the planned coverage area that we will also benefit from the technology.

In PSA 307, we had a 13 percent overall drop in crime in 2006, which amounts to the greatest reduction in the city.

The level of prostitution activity in the alley behind Mr. Wash has declined. Mr. Wash did install the motion detector lights as requested, and MPD assigned a prostitution squad to the area.

Sorta good news:
There was a nuisance property at 1107 11th St. (I think I have the address correct, someone please let me know if it's wrong), and a frozen pipe resulted in a round-about way to the place being secured. Essentially the report of a lack of water led to a city response and MPD discovering 20 people living on the property in 21 apartments; HUD only had record of four units in the building. Though Lt. Smith guesses that most of those living in the building were squatters, all 20 had a claim of residency at that address and were thus given temporary housing on DC's dime. While clearing the apartments before boarding up the building, police discovered very old water damage and severe mold problems. According to Mark Bjorge, The Mayor's office is considering "all options" in terms of bringing action against the property owner. On the up-side the owners have gone into bankruptcy, the building is in receivership, and there will most likely soon be a new owner who will renovate.

Not good news:
The gang problem in Shaw/Shlogan has reactivated. On Monday 13 shots were fired behind Shiloh Baptist Church. Though one teenager was wounded, no one was fatally shot. By the way, OffSeventh wrote that 31 shots were fired. I thought I heard Lt. Smith say 13, but I could be wrong about that.

About a half hour before the ANC 2F meeting, there was yet another shooting on the 1200 block of 7th Street. I'll be interested to hear Lt. Smith's report next month on the details.

Because El Sauce (1227 11th Street) has a pending ABRA hearing, Commissioner Reed has solicited more detailed information regarding past complaints against the establishment. If you've noticed any issues, please contact him so that he can raise these problems with their attorney during voluntary agreement negotiations. Lt. Smith volunteered that the MPD Gang Intelligence Unit believes this restaurant to be an MS-13 hangout. However, it is uncertain how much the issue may be owing to the adjacent property or apartment buildings down the block.

There have been a number of shootings east of our PSA. I'll refer you to OffSeventh for a good running total and editorial comments about the incidents.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the double link on this post! As for shotspotter I would not hold your bet is this is nothing more than a way to "keep the natives at bay" by promising the world and doing nothing...I was very happy to hear that it was going to happen and 3 plus months later still not even an update as to progress.

Maybe Lt. Smith is right but two patrol officers have said the same number to me...thirty one shell casings. However Lt. Smith is the man and I would use his numbers over mine any day.