Monday, January 14, 2008

Other Notes from Wednesday's ANC Meeting

Some other news bits of interest from the ANC meeting:

Logan residents are looking for places to start dog parks in the area. The action is in response to recent rule making that allows for citizens to petition and apply for areas to be designated dog parks. Sites currently being considered are Bundy Field, the Kennedy Recreation Center, the Shaw Recreation Center, and the south half of the Garrison Elementary School field. As a first step the group making the application must first check the land ownership records through DPR. Then, as part of a lengthy proposal process, neighbors will be consulted regarding the plans. I'm sure that most or all of a future ANC meeting will be devoted to this issue.

Ed Six reports that the Crime and Public Safety Committee compiled a list of vacant properties in our ANC and shared their findings with DCRA and the Office of Taxation. The goal is to ensure that owners are being charged higher tax rates for vacant properties in the hopes that they will be motivated to sell or renovate. A little extra tax revenue never hurts either.

The developer of the Metropole has gone bankrupt. A new very preliminary plan under consideration will alter the building design to include and interior courtyard with restaurant. [I'm fairly sure that I heard Commissioner Reed say that it was the Metropole developer that went bankrupt. However, a comment caused me to double check my facts, and it appears that it was the contractor who went bankrupt. That probably explains why the construction company banner on the site is now Foulger Pratt.]


Anonymous said...

Are you saying Metropolis Development has filed for bankruptcy protection?

14th & You said...

Possible correction: the contractor has become insolvent and had to be replaced [
story30.html?ana=from_rss]. I thought I heard Chairman Reed say that it was the developer, but it appears I may have misunderstood.