Friday, August 6, 2010

Washington Post Takes a Tour of 14th Street

In today's Weekend section, the Post reminds everyone that there is a lot of stuff along 14th Street. You know, in case you forgot.

Some nice write-ups of local businesses are included, but those selected for inclusion, and those not included (no ACKC? Point Chaud Crepes, but no Policy? No Pulp? And - gasp - not one single furniture store?) make for a someone spotty examination of the commercial scene here.

With this weekend's Dog Days celebration, anticipated awesome weather, and now a lengthy Post feature, expect a crush of people here this weekend. In other words, park your car by 6 PM tonight and don't move it...then, go and enjoy the weekend.


Erin said...

They do include Miss Pixie's ---although it's more or less just a link to their site and their address.

Timothy L. said...

What annoys me about these tours of 14th Street is the fact that Palace 5 Skate shop is routinely left out. The place has a world wide reputation amongst skaters, attracts basketball players, rappers, punk musicians, pro skateboarders and has some of the nicest retail employees in D.C. Yet this tour and a recent BYT blog post on shopping in the area ignored it.