Monday, August 23, 2010

U Street Cafe Burglarized

Via TBD, the U Street Cafe, located at 1301 U Street, was burglarized early Sunday morning. In what could have been an inside job, it appears that a suspect (or suspects) entered the cafe before it opened and set off the burglar alarm, though not before making off with approximately $200 from the register.

This is indeed unfortunate news, although we're thankful that no one was injured. Personally, we like the U Street Cafe, even if they manage to occasionally screw up your bagel order. Nicer people you will not find, and the space is very well maintained. The blueberry muffins aren't bad either, although they're going to have to sell a few of those to offset the $200 in losses.

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Katherine said...

Hi there - could you please post your contact information? How can I get in touch with you about a story? Thanks,