Friday, August 13, 2010

Peregrine Espresso Headed for 14th Street; Shake Shack to Dupont

Caffeine addicts, take note: you'll soon have another 14th Street option to get your fix. Capitol Hill-based Peregrine Espresso is opening up an outpost in Logan, at 1718 14th Street in the space formerly occupied by Flowers on Fourteenth (who moved a few doors down to the former Cafe Salsa location).

Peregrine has earned a rather significant following for the quality of their coffee, including from Mrs. 14thandyou's sister, who always makes certain to stop by when she is in town visiting. Peregrine joins an increasingly crowded field of upmarket caffeinated beverage purveyors along 14th Street, with the cozy Mid-City Caffe just a block away above Miss Pixies, and the soon-to-come Hilton Brothers-backed Blackbyrd Warehouse in the space next to Marvin, just north of U Street. (And, I feel compelled to mention, the good folks at Cork Market can also churn out a decent latte.)

No word on Peregrine's opening, which according to them is "months" away.

Suddenly, it feels like circa-1993 Seattle around here. Except hotter.


Briefly in other restaurant news: in case you missed it, New York's finest urban park-based burger provider, Danny Meyer, is bringing his Madison Square Park outfit, Shake Shack, to the former Fuddrucker's location near Connecticut and 18th, just south of Dupont Circle.

Normally, this would fall a little bit outside of our purview, but since we've been known to take the occasional dig at Manhattan transplants, perhaps this will help them feel at home. Will it mimic Shake Shack's NYC location, and become DC's burger answer to Georgetown Cupcakes, which consistently features lines snaking around the block? One can only hope...


Anonymous said...

Another coffee shop one block from mid city? does anyone opening a business in this area have any imagination?

If someone opened a bagel shop on 14th do you think it would do well?

convexhull said...

yet, with all these nice coffee shops the babbling masses will continue to patronize Starbucks

Anonymous said...

I think a bagel shop/bakery/diner would do well. Who wants to open one. I would partner if anyone is interested?

Anonymous said...

people need to get off Shake shack's dick, it's nothing particularly special.