Friday, May 20, 2011

This morning's redundant post: Peregrine Espresso likely opening Wednesday

As reported over at Borderstan and U Street Girl this morning, Peregrine Espresso, the purveyors of fine coffee beverages on Capitol Hill, is set to open their new 14th Street location next week.

"Probably Wednesday," said Ryan Jensen, Peregrine's owner, at last night's "sneak peek." Jensen and his team were offering sweet snacks, wine and complimentary coffee to the crowd at the event, which turned into something of a DC blogger caffeine-infused happy hour.

Jensen indicated that the Logan Circle location was the first of two additional Peregrine locations that he was looking to open, but was coy when I pressed him about the location of Peregrine #3.

The space inside was clean and well-designed, courtesy of local design firm Aesthetic Answers. Indoor seating appeared to be on the low-end (which could make finding a place to sit down and crank out a blog post a bit challenging), and outdoor seating appeared to be a ways off, pending the receipt of a public space permit.


Unknown said...

Neat! I missed the news on Borderstan and U Street Girl I guess ;-) I'll check it out wednesday. Can't wait!

mattyillini said...

I was going to take roll call!

Anonymous said...

Exceptionally good coffee, but the place is WAY too small.