Monday, May 16, 2011

Redistricting meeting with Jack Evans tonight

With the 2010 census figures in, the District is currently going through the redistricting process--that is, determining which areas and neighborhoods in the city will belong to which ward. One of the most interesting discussions relates to the residents of and near the so-called "Ballpark District" in southeast, who may move from under the auspices of Tommy Wells and Ward 6 to Marion Barry's Ward 8. However, some movement may also be afoot for neighborhoods in and adjacent to Ward 2, which includes Logan Circle, Dupont Circle and sizeable chunks of Shaw.

To learn more about the current state of negotiations, and to take an opportunity to ask questions about the process, plan to attend this evening's redistricting briefing at the Wilson Building, hosted by Ward 2 councilman Jack Evans. See the information below, which was distributed by the Ward 2 Democrats:

Monday, May 16, 2010
6:00 pm

Wilson Building - Room 120
1350 Penn. Ave. NW

At the meeting Jack Evans will give us a briefing on the status of the re-districting as a result of the 2010 census and will take your questions and comment on the process. Re-districting will affect the boundaries of Ward 2 and the ANCs and is of interest to all of us involved in politics, so it should be an interesting and lively meeting.


Lance said...

Both Evans and Mendelson turned out for the meeting (before heading off to a 6:30 Ward 6 meeting on the same subject.) The CMs pointed out that this time there are only 10,000 people to mover around (vs. the 30,000 10 years ago.) Because so few people need to be moved around, they're not planning any conmplicated 'domino' moves like last time. The boundary changes for Ward 2 are sure to be at its eastern border (unless some convoluted --- and unlikely --- exchange between Wards 8 and 2 occurs via Haines Point which would theoretically result in Foggy Bottom coming under the auspices of Ward 8 and Councilman Barry ...). Even changes that some areas wanted (such as moving The Hilton on Connecticut Avenue over ANC2B won't happen this go around.

I DO have to wonder though how much this inertia has to do with less residents to move around and how much with the CMs knowing that this time all the horsetrading would be more fully broadcast than in the past. Not that they're going to completely open the process. I was disappointed to hear CM Evans say that the proposed moves wouldn't be publiciized until they'd already been voted on by Council.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Thanks for the recap Lance. I think there's probably more than a grain of truth to your second paragraph.

Anonymous said...


You misheard Evans. There is a mark-up Thursday with the redistricting committee where the plan will be shown. Then a public roundtable for feedback, then a Council vote.