Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shooting @ 14th and U This Afternoon

UPDATE #2: Congratulations DJ Reed Rothchild for winning the D-bag of the Day Award. (It's a good thing they never have shootings in Adams-Morgan, eh Reed?)

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UPDATE: A couple of things to update from below. Reports now say that the two individuals shot were teenagers, both shot in the ankle, and that the violence stemmed from a gang/crew dispute. All of the surrounding streets have been reopened to vehicular traffic (the Metro station was never closed).

Jim Graham has also come out with a statement indicating that we need to crackdown on gang violence, although short of advancing the controversial anti-loitering law, I'm not certain what he is proposing.

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At around 2:35 PM this afternoon, it appears that at least two individuals were shot near the intersection of 14th and U streets. According to DCist, witnesses stated that the two individuals were shot at 14th and W, and proceeded south to U Street. Apparently one victim was shot in the foot, and the other in the leg.

Police have currently closed U Street between 13th and 14th, leading one area resident to describe the scene as "eerily quiet".


Anonymous said...

I live at 14th and W... and I was about ready to come home from work now. Well, crap.

Reed Rothchild said...

I see that you're the "Didn't get the joke guy" Next time Ill be sure to use Anacostia as the punch line. Still don't get it? How about Fallujah? Not the first and certainly not the last dbag award on my trophy shelf so thank you for this award. Kindly catch Cancer.


Mr. Other Upper NW said...

I'll assume "kindly catch cancer" was yet another lame attempt at humor, Mr. Rothchild? And why'd you delete your hilarious tweet?

Stay classy!