Monday, March 28, 2011

Back From Spring Break: DC At-Large Council Candidate Forum Tomorrow Night

The 14thandyous are back and feeling refreshed from a spring break trip to London (where, on Friday, it was sunny and 72 degrees--I've never gotten sunburned in London before). There's a lot of news to catch up on over the past couple of weeks, but one timely bit of information to pass along is for the DC Council At-Large Candidate's Forum taking place tomorrow evening.

For those who aren't aware, or who may be only vaguely aware of the process, the citizens of DC will be electing an at-large councilmember to fill Chairman Kwame Brown's seat, which was vacated when Brown was elected to head the Council. The DC Democratic party, through a completely backroom transparent process selected Sekou Biddle to temporarily fill the seat in January, making him the incumbent. However, there are a number of other candidates seeking the seat as well.

It's worth noting that these at-large special elections can have some significant results for the city, as the winning candidate frequently prevails with only a few thousand votes. For example, current at-large councilmember David Catania, one of the Council's fiercest questionners and a leader in the drive to legalize same-sex marriage in the District, was elected via a special election that saw only 7% voter turnout.

Tomorrow evening, from 6:00 - 8:30 PM at Church of the Holy City at 16th and Corcoran streets NW, you will have the opportunity to observe more than a half-dozen candidates engage in a forum discussion of the issues leading up to the April 26 election.

Confirmed candidates who will be appearing include:

Sekou Biddle
Dorothy Douglas
Joshua Lopez
Patrick Mara
Vincent Orange
Alan Page
Bryan Weaver

Interestingly, Mara and Weaver were among those candidates whose petitions were challenged by Biddle on the basis of valid signatures--both of which were denied. It's not a reach to say that they, along with Orange (who was not targeted by Biddle's campaign) will be the strongest challengers to the "incumbent" Biddle. (The Current recently described Weaver as "the most knowledgeable challenger" in the race.)

Annie's Steakhouse will be providing complimentary appetizers at tomorrow evening's event, and there will be a cash bar as well. Hope to see you there!

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