Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up on Restaurant News: Estadio Opens, no Protest for Hank's, Burgers for 14th Street

I hope everyone has been having a good summer. The 14thandyous just returned from a (much-needed) vacation, and ever-so-surely have been catching up on goings-on around the neighborhood. (I've also got to add: considering the ongoing drop in violent crime throughout the neighborhood and city, it's nice to be writing in July about new restaurant openings and not, for example, double homicides.) So, in case you missed it like we did, here's an abbreviated round-up of restaurant-related news and openings around the area:

Estadio, the much-anticipated Spanish eatery from Proof owner Mark Kuller, opened last week in the former Garden District space at 14th and Church streets. In addition to serving traditional tapas in the $5-$11 range, along with entrees priced from $12-$19, Estadio will also feature pinxtos--basically small snacks--in the $3-$6 range. Think of pinxtos as the mini-courses you get served in between courses at fine restaurants, I suppose.

During our recent walks by the restaurant in the evening, the space has been packed--and with seating for over 110 people in such a relatively small space, we have to wonder about the noise inside (although could not imagine it would be louder than Posto, one of the loudest restaurants we have been to). Metrocurean has posted a number of photos of the interior.

Speaking of much-anticipated restaurants (expansions, that is): At last week's ANC2B meeting, the ANC decided *not* to protest the expansion plans of popular Dupont eatery Hank's Oyster Bar. You may recall that there had been some concerns raised over a potential protest of the plans, with owner and chef Jamie Leeds insinuating that she might elect to reconsider her Dupont location in such a situation. Fortunately, things won't be getting that far: after ensuring that all concerns related to accessible restrooms and a single entrance were addressed, the motion to protest was withdrawn. Thus, the expansion plans of one of 17th Street's brightest restaurant stars will be able to move forward.

In terms of new restaurants: you remember Polly's, right? Sure you do. It was that place up on U Street that served greasy hangover food and featured cutesy tables and a somewhat surly waitstaff. Oh, and its abrupt closure earlier this year led to some, ahem, "reactions" by certain people. Well, Polly's space won't be empty much longer: as U Street Girl reported, it will soon be home to Desperado Burgers and Bar. For those of you clamoring for more "cheaper" food options in the area, and who were disappointed at the likely demise of "Standard", the proposed burger joint for the former Garden District space at 14th and S streets, this may be good news to you.

Also, it seems that they will have free delivery. But will your shoes still stick to the floor?

Finally: it seems that a new tacqueria will be opening in the long-vacant space next to the Black Cat on 14th Street. The space is directly adjacent to the rock club and, I have heard, there has been difficulty finding a tenant for the space due to noise concerns. Clearly, the owner(s) of the forthcoming Mexican eatery that will include a summer garden and sidewalk cafe is undeterred.

...and, yes, with a summer garden and sidewalk cafe, you can rest assured that the voluntary agreement negoatiations will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

In retail news - CB2 might be looking for space outside of the 14th Street corridor - http://georgetownmetropolitan.com/2010/07/20/two-new-stores-may-come-to-georgetown/


Anonymous said...

I believe that the Standard has been revived. It is my understanding that the owner has reached an agreement concerning hours of operation, and thus cheap burgers will soon abound at the corner of 14th and S.

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Interesting news, anon. Since the ABRA protest notice boards had been taken down and work had ceased at the site, I assumed that the "Standard" plan was DOA. The hours of operation and the capacity of the outdoor patio were the major hurdles there--good on him if he was able to negotiate something that made the ANC happy AND makes his business viable.