Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Was the Commotion on S Street This Evening?

Anyone walking along 14th or 15th streets at S Street between 7:30 - 9:00 pm this evening no doubt noticed the significant collection of police cards, ambulances, fire engines and other EMS vehicles surrounding S Street.

Based on reports we received at the scene, it seems that an individual was seen breaking into a car along 15th street this evening by a man and woman. The man gave chase while the woman called the police; police responded quickly but were unable to immediately apprehend the suspect, who broke into an unoccupied house along the 1400 block of S Street by crashing through a skylight, and climbed into a crawl space. Police, not knowing whether or not the suspect was armed, and unable to determine with certainty whether or not others were in the house, blocked off the street and broke through the back door of the house with a battering ram. At that point, they were able to successfully apprehend the female suspect.

So, yes...basically the response we witnessed this evening was the result of a breaking and entering. Borderstan has more details.

Image courtesy of Luis Gomez.

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enndevi said...

Thank goodness for this blog, or I wouldn't know who broke into MY house. The police, strangely, after causing more damage than the crook, weren't kind enough to leave a note along with my battered door. Gotta love DC...