Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Update: "Green Pets" Relocation Moving Forward

A few weeks ago, I posted a story about the pending departure/closure of local businesses "Green Pets" and "Big Monkey Comics" from their current homes along 14th Street. At the time, owner Linda Welch had indicated that she was exploring relocation options for the businesses, but that nothing had been definitively worked out.

This afternoon, I received a note from Linda that indicated that she was close to relocating both Green Pets and Dogs By Day to larger spaces in the recently completed View 14 building near 14th and Florida Ave. According to Welch, the landlord at View 14 (which was developed in art by Universal Gear owner David Franco) is "very interested" in bringing the businesses north, and that negotiations are currently ongoing.

To anyone--such as the 14thandyous--who rely on Green Pets to provide food and other necessities for their pets/fur children, the fact that Green Pets is likely to remain in the neighborhood is certainly welcome news.

Is the additional 6 blocks a bit much to walk for your organic pet food? No sweat, Welch says. "We'll have pick-up and delivery available for those who think the extra 6 blocks to too far."


Anonymous said...

I saw a tv camera set up in front of the building earlier...

Erica said...

What additional 5 blocks? Heck, that's right out my front door here at 14th and Chapin! Yay!!!!

John said...

I'm thoroughly confused. The Green Pets site says they are not closing and doesn't say anything about moving.

Their entry is older than this one, but I was in there less than two weeks ago and the person behind the counter pointed out that they had just painted the interior, in addition to everything else. I'm actually heading that way this evening, will have to ask again.