Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's official: "Estadio" coming to Logan

Is 14th Street becoming THE dining destination in the city?  It's appearing that way as the onslaught of restaurants moving into the 14th Street corridor continues.  

We made mention a couple of weeks ago that the team from Penn Quarter wine bar "Proof" were looking to set up shop in Logan, and it seems today that the move finally became official, as the "For Lease" sign has come down from the window in their new space, and the ABRA hearing notice has been posted.

"Estadio" will be opening in the space formerly occupied by the Garden District at 14th and Church streets, across the street from soon-to-open wine market "Cork and Fork".

The 125-seat establishment, which will be looking for a late sprint/early summer 2010 opening, will be an upscale restaurant serving Spanish cuisine.  Considering that the Proof guys are behind this, it's a safe bet that the wine selection will be top notch as well.

Operating hours are completely non-threatening, with a proposed 1 AM closing time during the week and 1:45 AM on Fridays and Saturdays, so hopefully the VA agreement negotiations with the ANC will go smoothly.


Anonymous said...

This will make up for the departure of Mar de Plata!

brap said...

I love Proof. This place will be great!

Anonymous said...

Bound to be Yummy!

Wes Grooms said...

This place will be excellent!

Anonymous said...

The neighbors above are not going to like it, that building has to be vented through the roof!

Unknown said...

Look forward to sipping some sangria slushies!
I live on 14th and Church (thankfully not above where Estadio will be).

Jason said...

interesting ... they force out a successful bar/club/restaurant several years ago to make the neighborhood more "palatable" ... only to return to a restaurant/bar business. Don't get me wrong, this sounds like a great place, as Proof is easily one of the best restaurants in the city. It's just funny to me how things come full circle.

Anonymous said...

I left Estadio very hungry and broke!!
The portions are extremely small, even for tapas. The prices are high. The drinks are very small. It took an hour to get our food (six plates). The bill was $110.oo for 3 small starters and 3 small mains, 2 sangrias (mostly ice), and 2 wines. The glasses of wine are 3 oz not 6 as the owner claims. The main dishes are the size of a French restaurant appetizer for one person. Not enough to share.

To top off the dinner at the end of the night was to watch the kitchen staff wipe down a cutting board after slicing meat and then use the same towel to clean other plates. Uhgggg. Disgusting!!!

Anonymous said...

Quick review: Our wait time was nearly 3 hours and we left before getting seated. Drinks are expensive and very, very small (less than 4 ounces).

First, they do not take reservations for tables under six. When we called for a reservation with six, they would not take our reservation, anyway, as it was the day of. On the phone, the hostess assured us that there would be room for us - and our friend who is on crutches - in the large bar area. While the bar area is quite large, the seats are bolted to the floor, so the only re-arranging is asking people to slide down. And, there was certainly no room for our friend's cast when you cannot slide the stools back.

When we arrived, they said they were putting a tables together to make space for our party; a few minutes later, the hostess returned to tell us that we were going to have to wait 45 minutes. Two hours later, I went up the the hostess, who sent the owner over to give us meat, cheese, and four pieces of bread (for our six person party). He also told us he was buying us a round of drinks, which meant that he was bringing us a very inexpensive bottle (which can be purchased in Spain for 2.50 euro) of seltzer wine.

We waited another 45 minutes, then left. Our drink total: two drinks per person (no food charge): $108. Before tip.

Needless to say, I will NOT be going back. They definitely need to work out a few things before I can encourage anyone to go.