Friday, April 24, 2009

Travis at the 930 Club

Remember Travis? About 10 years ago, they along with Coldplay were tagged as the Next Big Things, the next Blur vs. Oasis. And while Coldplay rode Chris Martin all the way to the height of popularity, Fran Healy et al. seemed content to out a series of albums that, while perfectly lovely and hummable, weren't exactly destined to pack the arenas.

No matter, because it means that if you like the band you get to take in a wonderful performance at a rather intimate venue such as the 930 Club...which is where the 14thandyous found themselves tonight.

Below are some shots from the show we thought we'd share. Sorry about the quality in some--the 14thandyou's camera just ain't what it used to be.

Fran Healy, captivating the audience

This shot came out looking cooler than was intended...

About halfway through the set, Fran took a stroll through the audience to belt out a tune. Mrs. 14thandyou was a bit concerned that she might end up getting asked to dance with Fran...

...this girl got the nod instead. Oh well.

Guitarist Andy Dunlop doing some rock star posturing on his amp stack

Awwwww....the whole band at the end of the show for a sing-along.


Jen said...

Can anyone tell me what they played for their encore? I unfortunately had to leave right as they had left the stage the first time and missed the encore... :(

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Let's see...Fran came out and did an acoustic version of "Out in Space" from "Boy With No Name", then the band rejoined him and they did a song from--i believe--their first album which I didn't know the name of, then "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" as the final "full" song. At the very end, Fran did a version of "Flowers In Your Window" with the band singing along behind him.

MJLphoto said...

The song before "Why Does It Always Rain..." was "Blue Flashing Light." Great, great show last night.