Monday, April 27, 2009

Fighting Capitalism, One Bank Branch at a Time

Thanks to Stephen Schaefer for the image.

You know, I used to find myself in somewhat of a disagreement with the anarchist/anti-WTO protesters and their calling for the elimination of capitalism and money, and a return to...the barter system, perhaps?  

No matter, really, because I have come to the realization that arguments don't have to be based upon any grounding of intellectual reasoning to remain strongly convincing.  I must confess, they've won me over.  No, it wasn't their repeated calls for the elimination of debt and the cessation of the printing of money...what persuaded me was the way the marauding group of anarchists moved deftly along P Street Saturday morning and vented their anger at the PNC and Wachovia bank branches.  Thank you, guys, for turning a street in my neighborhood into a warzone.  I'm sure you'll have plenty of time--I'm thinking something in the neighborhood of 18-24 months--to formulate your next master plan.  I'm sure your parents are proud of you.

Today, the PNC Bank branch on P Street...tomorrow the world!


sps said...

This being my first summer in DC, Saturday morning was quite a bizarre mish-mash of scenes as I road from home (Shaw) to my part-time job (Washington Harbor). P st 1400 a mess of shattered glass (had time to take that first picture, but skipped one of Wachovia), a marching band drum thing going on in Dupont Circle park (competing, of course, with a jackhammers and a crane tearing up the street), and Saturday morning little league across the bridge in Georgetown.

Toss in the shootings and the protests/arrests and it was quite an introduction to DC in the summer...should be an interesting couple of months...

Anonymous said...

youre just against bartering because youre not worth your salt