Monday, September 22, 2008

Reminder: Community Development Committee Meeting this Wednesday

Apologies for the lull in posts recently--we just got back into town yesterday evening after a (much needed) vacation. Alas, the worst thing about vacations is that taking one reminds you of how much you need to take another one.

There have been lots of new things going on around the neighborhood recently that we hope to get caught up on, such as the opening on Commissary on P St.; the completion(?!) of the condo building at 15th and P, along with the arrival of new ground floor tenants; some ongoing problems with the Vegas Lounge; an update on the 11th and 14th St. streetscapes, and so on. In the meantime, we'll ease our way back in by reminding everyone of the Community Development Committee meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 PM at the Washington Plaza Hotel in Thomas Circle. For those who do not know, the CDC is an arm of the ANC that makes recommendations on new contruction or renovations of existing structures within the ANC boundaries. If you want to have a say in aspects related to the ongoing development of our neighborhood, the CDC is a good place to start.

I haven't yet seen an agenda published for the September meeting, but will post it here once I do. For further information, check out the CDC page on the ANC2f website.


Anonymous said...

Here's more on Commissary (though this was written before it opened):

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Thanks Katie! We're going to try to get there this week sometime to try it out. I agree, it looks like a much better use of space than Merkado (although we did rather like Merkado).

BTW--on an slightly related note, I too have heard that the opening of the "beer paradise" at the old Dakota Cowgirl space has been pushed back from October. For shame.

Anonymous said...

A good vacation leaves you rested, not worrying about another vacation...!

Can't wait for updates on the blog and for the Dakota replacement with 200+ beers. Hopefully before winter comes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, such a disappointment about "beer paradise." Judging from its exterior, it certainly doesn't look like any progress has been made...

But thanks for checking out our new blog (which is also Logan Circle-based).