Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Commissary" Coming to Logan

Those of you--like us--who have mourned the passing of neighborhood Latin American fusion eatery Merkado (and their blueberry mojitos) will soon have reason to perk up, or at least a reason to stop by the place. "Commissary" will be opening its doors next Tuesday, September 9 (although a "soft opening" before then wouldn't surprise).

Commissary bills itself as a "very casual cafe, lounge, liquor, beer and wine bar as well as a coffeehouse and smoothie bar" that will "serve breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, snacks and huge selection of desserts." Clearly, there's no shortage of ambition here. The place is clearly striving to portray a relaxes, coffeehouse-style vibe, while also serving a range of food--and not, it seems, at astoundingly high prices found elsewhere.

The 14thandYous look at Commissary's arrival as a good thing, even if we do find the name a bit goofy and the website's seemingly random calls for us to fulfill our patriotic duties a bit odd. Their posted menus show an assorted range of breakfast foods, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers and entrees, along with assorted coffees and smoothies. Commissary will also stock a full bar, so it's a safe bet that the place will get a little crowded (and noisy) during the evenings. While they may not become the sandwich connoisseurs that many have asked for in the neighborhood, there is a good chance that they will become a nice compliment to the Stoney's dive bar-esque feel and the hyper lounge styling of Halo.

To learn more, check out Commissary's website--or snoop around P St. during the coming days.


Anonymous said...

I was not sad to see Merkada go-I don't think their food could have been more bland.

Sean Robertson said...

FWIW, I REALLY like that they're keeping the staff and even offered them a week of paid vacation during the renovations. While many businesses would do the former, I wonder how many would have done the latter.

Hopefully the new place will be better than Merkado was (I went once and thought the prices were exorbitant relative to the quality.

Herb said...

YAY! Someone serving breakfast! I just wish they opened at 7:00 am!

Mr. Other Upper NW said...

Loganmo- I thought their food was actually pretty good. I can't remember what entree I ordered the last time we ate there (probably sometime around mid July) but I remember it being quite good.

Anonymous said...

there does seem to be a trend in dc towards the $6 pint but $6.50 tops most establishments many of whom are not advertising their menu as "simple, diverse and inexpensive"

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention on my previous comment that they are selling dogfish head pale is $6.5 at pint